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At KindProduct.com we believe in hemp. The cannabis plant has been used for centuries for healing, meditation, relaxation and more. It’s our mission to spread this message and give hemp a new reputation!
We are a licensed USA Farmer and manufacture our own products. 
Our farmers have years of experience farming and cultivating CBD rich plants. Many of them have been in the growing business for 10+ years and created some amazing strains. We purchase hemp and hemp flower directly from highly vetted farmers in mass quantities use the CBD rich hemp to make our products.
CBD Hemp Flower
Sourced and grown from America’s best farmers in Colorado. Schedule a Visit
CBD Hemp Oils
Powerful true full spectrum PCR hemp oil tinctures.
Other Hemp CBD Products
Gummies, tarts and other edibles. All CBD products are made from USA hemp.

Putting the health of people and the planet over profits

Kind was grown out of a desire to provide premium quality CBD products using organic, sustainable farming practices. Their state-of-the-art outdoor grow facility uses only mountain spring water from onsite springs and creeks, embodying the true spirit of Colorado

Caring about people and the planet

The large-scale production and grow facility satisfies the enormous demand for high CBD Flower -Kind, is community-minded and cares about the planet and its people. They are committed to providing uncompromised, premium quality, products using the latest, leading edge and ethical production technology.

Meeting the needs of a growing industry

The facility is located on 421 pristine acres in CO. The large-scale propagation, growing and processing facility has set its sights on satisfying the enormous demand for CBD Flower – maintaining the high purity levels of its whole cannabis plants.

Letting nature do its work

Mindful of sustainable practices and limiting their environmental footprint, KIND – CBD strains are grown outdoor and Indoor, as nature intended, using only mountain spring water from onsite springs and creeks. In-line with this approach, their plants are grown from pure strains free of disease or genetic variations.

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